124 square meters of Mediterranean warm mix and does not lose the sense of American

ring 24]: flat style Mediterranean style is a family of three living,
the old man occasionally came to live,
the host for investment banking work,
amateur love writing,
literary youth; hostess * * financial work.
The male masters like the simple sense of texture; the hostess likes bright colors,
especially blue.
I hope the home is simple and warm,
but it does not lose texture; the living room is simple and atmospheric,
not too crowded,
the color should not be too simple.
Lets take a look at their texture,
home! [vestibule] [living room] [restaurant amp; kitchen] [bedroom] master bedroom,
childrens room [toilet]


ring ,
grace has always been touted by girls.
But with the increasingly strong interest in fashion,
fashion week is no shortage of fashion editors,
buyers and fashion will come to Master collocation Street elements personality and innovation,
to create an elegant and relaxed fashion style.
To get these fashionable strokes! Deep-V silk dress,
slip dress,
Kate Moss in the last century,
90s will be the first to wear it as a cocktail dress,
to attend public events,
inspire the Waichuan innovative thinking.
it is in a more relaxed way to appear in the fashion of the people.
Relaxation and concentration quietly become the norm of womens inner fashion.
Luxury and elegant casual clothes are the perfect interpretation.
Balenciaga2016 spring and summer show,
designer Alexander Wang with uniform cotton,
silk and linen material to create comfortable pajamas like lazy slip dress or sling bras,
visual to a feeling of zero.
Balenciaga 2016 spring and summer series and the show in the C e line Phoebe Ph

800 km walk on the road of pilgrimage to Jacob (next)

ring ena YOYOER pilgrim passport pilgrims on the road will be carrying a Pilgrim passport Credencial del Peregrino,
which will explain the place of departure,
the pilgrims name,
passport number,
address and pilgrimage way.
This passport is about 2-5 euros.
It can be purchased at churches,
hotels and other places along the way.
You can book it online in advance.
Pilgrims passport Credencial del Peregrino,
who holds a pilgrimage passport,
can obtain low price or even free accommodation at all accommodation points along the entire St.
James road.
The pilgrims every church,
the town hall,
or at the point of accommodation,
will receive a James road certified official stamp.
These small stamps not only record the pilgrims along the dock accommodation,
dining at each place,
but also the Santiago pilgrim Management Committee on exactly every pilgrim document whether along official pilgrimage walked the whole of the.
A covered Passport Stamp,
is a necessary condition in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral f

Chinese female students lost the night run, police found the battered woman yesterday

ring printed from France Chinese report yesterday,
the local police in eastern Germany Dessau Ross work area (Isaacson Anhalt) rescue a lost China out running female students union,
a woman whose body was found near their homes.
The body lay bare in the bushes,
with traces of violence.
Photograph: German voice,
around 20:30 p.
on May 11th,
Li Yangjie,
goes out for long-distance races in accordance with common habits.
Neighbors say Li Yangjie usually pays great attention to maintaining good health through exercise.
But after she did not return home on Wednesday night,
neighbors began to worry about her personal safety and called the police on Thursday.
Police found a womans body in a bush in Li Yangjies place Friday morning,
according to the voice of germany.
German central television quoted unconfirmed news reports that the woman was found naked,
with apparent traces of violence.
The residence of Li Yangjie Isaacson of Anhalt police spokesman Moritz (Ralf Moritz) confirmed to the voice of Ge

Flowers into the Haixun

ring  in 5 and June,
it is lavender bloom when the sea ~ who said to see the purple flower fields must go to Provence,
in fact,
in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai,
large and small lavender manor there are many.
This year more than a few new plants garden,
and those old Lavender park also has a new change in ~ lavender bloom,
in the way the inventory of several lavender garden,
pick a recently,
go! Zhejiang No.
1 Vanilla Garden in Yuhang flowering for nearly half a year,
more abundant activities.
As it is very close to Hangzhou,
Yuhang herb garden is famous among the people of Hangzhou.
As you go,
walk through a wooden door on the base,
and then walk to the mountains on the hill,
where French lavender is imported from Provence,
along with lavender and willow verbena.
Compared to the past,
this year added a lot of lavender varieties,
such as British lavender,
four seasons lavender and willow verbena.
The former is the same as in Xinjiang and Yili.
It is different from the leaves of French lavender.
The he

Fan Bingbing may not have your wife pretty without her makeup on

ring  makeup remover star before and after Fan Bingbing (09 1981 16 July) Annie Yi (March 4,
1969) Christy Chung (September 19,
1970) Sun Li (September 26,
1982) Jane Zhang (October 11,
1984) Yan Ni (March 10,
1971) Hong Tao (January 15,
1972) Sherry (August 9,
1972) Gong Li (December 31,
1965) Ju Ping (January 25,
1966) Na Ying (November 27,
1967) Wang Xiaoya (January 22,
1968) Angie Chiu Liu Xiaoqing (November 15,
1954) (October 30,
1955) Carina Lau (December 8,
1965) Chen Hong (December 1968) Jiang Wenli (June 20,
1969) Lu Yu (June 12,
1970) Li Bingbing (02 1973 27 July) Yuan Li (July 12,
1973) Qing Dong (November 17,
1973) Li Xiang (February 10,
1976) Hsu Chi (1 April 1976 6 days) Zhang Ziyi (February 9,
Chen Yao (October 5,
Chen Hao (December 9,
scared me silly! It is people rely on clothes,
beauty make-up!!! Some people chat with WeChat,
while others learn and grow in themselves every day in WeChat.
Today we recommend some high-quality WeChat,
I hope you can grow every day!

One day, a grilled classic, and then remake Angie Chiu elegant, Joey Wong style, Liu Tao sedate atmosphere, who is the best white lady in your heart?

ring mestic drama,
the remake has been endless.
Some time ago,
the network has been passed,
The Legend Of White Snake to be remade,
and now has been a foregone conclusion,
posters are out.
I feel that the poster is very similar to the cover of some ancient words.
everybody cares most about the actor.
After all,
there are too many people in the white lady.
She is Angie Chius version of the classic,
although now the people inside and sing a bit awkward,
but everyone at the mouth will sing a who is in the ear.
Angie Chiu plays the White Snake really can be charming atmosphere,
with Xu Xian together it is very charming when down Xiaoqing together will break down the lower atmosphere mature water overflows golden hill this edition of Angie Chiu to play the White Snake both malicious fierce,
and the heart of Buddha,
the most important thing is beautiful ah ~ now is old,
but that time really is not for xian.
This version of the white lady is also the memory of the vast majority of people,
the bra

Talk less dreams, talk more about money

ring ,
Spenser column figure brand creative workplace talk about todays case is secular,
very material,
but the very positive visit.
Just after the end of a series of Billions (Chinese translation,
there is a hundreds of millions) is very interesting in the plot,
the male Bobby Axelrod is a hedge fund for financial wealth,
because some of the 9.
11 stock short time and media exposure,
the public think that he sent the national wealth,
the public very angry every day,
in Axelrod,
outside shouting slogans in protest.
It rained that day,
and the demonstrators didnt pick up the bus.
Axelrod called several luxury Limo,
and the crowd got into the advanced Limo home.
Its too interesting,
too ironic.
The so-called slogan,
the so-called justice,
in fact,
in most cases,
is no match for bread.
Thats normal,
Maslow principle.
To tell the truth,
I am now,
for the dream,
initial heart,
and some disgusted.
And more want to listen to the sound of capital,
commercial logic,
profitable way.
I t

The fans broke the boyfriend every day and I said Bigbang is handsome he is straight.

ring nd and I met in the university community,
after which he said was quite interested in me,
I think he is good,
we were together,
he every day and I said that GD and TOP are more handsome,
even before they come to the concert tickets are so expensive to see,
but he almost didnt have bought me what.
I think its OK to see the concert,
but now he brushes in his circle of friends every day.
They say what they dont have,
and theyre all photos of them.
I feel a bit fed up with it.
To tell you the truth,
the boys like a Korean team so much.
I really havent seen them.
Help me to ask everyone,
this is not normal,
sister! Does he dislike women?!!!

These drones guards besides dancing and playing musical instruments will show laser

ring ver seen anyone dancing,
playing and laser shows? A graduate of the University of Pennsylvania founded the unmanned aircraft development company KMel Robotics and they will present a UAV adapted obedient team and allow them to carry out a series of performances such as dancing in the air so that the aircraft KMel Robotics dancing UAV you can also let them play the musical instrument KMel Robotics of course,
you can also automatically air vehicle formation transform around obstacles show a dazzling light dance KMel Robotics UAV queue performance video future UAVs so what exactly are we really hard to predict but had to say KMel Robotics this focus on creativity and innovation team for UAV applications brought infinite may

Goal stay in the chef openly hope to win next season

United fans network Oh can subscribe according to Goal.
com news,
Van Gaal recently sent to United fans in an open letter,
the letter revealed his plans for next season Manchester and target.
Details please click to read the original.
! Welcome to the United fans net official WeChat menu bar Manchester United news information to obtain first-hand information to register Manchester United fans can be registered as a member,
and fifty thousand Reds fans interact more chance to get the official version of the United players Signed Jersey (including club official certificate).
Click to read the original text only for you not to miss more content,
micro signal WWWMUREDSCOM long,
according to identify two-dimensional code,
pay attention to us

The most terrible thing about WeChat chat is the recommendation

the most terrible is not to respond to information delay,
not inexplicably pulled black,
not shielding the circle of friends,
but rather.
If you have the correct handshaken,
WeChat was sent to the wrong person,
you must know that the chagrin,
that that confound,
too late to regret it with deep hatred and resentment.
You are likely to talk to several people at the same time.
Just a little,
and there will be ten thousand terrors waiting for you.
you want to Tucao someone,
the subconscious will lead you to that person's dialog box,
so that you accurately curse who will be issued to whom.
Although WeChat has a withdrawal function,
the regret medicine is only available within two minutes.
And how can you guarantee that the other party didn't see it before it w

Mom, I want to have a better relationship with you

robably a mother daughter relationship that used to break free in the first half of life,
and later to repair it.
So my mother and I never had a good relationship.
When I was a child,
I thought she was too strong,
and didn't like her usual habit of giving orders.
She didn't like her backward style of stick education.
She felt that she interfered too much with her life.
So very rebellious,
has been holding against the simple belief: I want to stay away from her.
When I was in junior high school,
I deliberately ran to school far away from home,
and on the pretext of good learning atmosphere,
I really didn't want to stay at home.
On the first day of school,
my mother sent me to the dormitory,
when new roommates in the face of my little finger,
I thin skinned not willing to her too much,

Tomorrow we eat beans

th spring like summer,
color show JAC million Muyin.
It marks the solar term,
spring is gone,
the coming of yanshu.
In ancient times,
emperors would rate Wenwubaiguan summer harvest ceremony held on the expression of prayer.
In the folk,
people in this day of early adopters of the customs,
and in many early adopters of the ingredients,
there is no doubt that the bean is one of the star.
In the past every day before the beginning of summer,
Jiangsu and Zhejiang children to discuss neighborhood with a bowl of rice,
bamboo shoots,
boiled amaranth summer meal,
meaning a bumper grain harvest.
It is blown flower trails,
a cup of plum bean.
Late spring and early summer,
broad bean flowers,
with a thick and full pods,
the tender for this broad bean.
As the beginning of the solar

[morning post] foreign media brain hole Apple should buy Tesla musk served as the total CEO

WeChat paid general manager Wu Yi left the original WeChat products division deputy general manager Zhang Ying as the May 4th afternoon news,
WeChat today announced the payment Tencent general manager Wu Yi for personal reasons to leave the original WeChat products division deputy general manager Zhang Ying has been appointed as the new general manager of WeChat payment.
According to public information,
Wu Yi served as Tencent caifutong product director,
with team WeChat to pay,
then pay WeChat declared independence,
Wu Yi also took a part of caifutong team members to join WeChat,
pay during the former WeChat red head of development at WeChat.
(Sina) Wei Zexi event continues the guardian Emergency Planning Commission specification: halt cell immunotherapy clinical application in May 4th

4 time management mistakes make you live less than others for half a lifetime

veryone tries desperately to make the best of their time.
How can dozens of emails be handled efficiently? How do you finish your work while you are having a meeting all day? The task list is constantly overstock.
When will it be finished? Oh,
my God! To make matters worse,
a lot of wrong ideas leave us with no idea what time management is and how it works.
Here are some of the best known time management advice,
right? One point of view: time management is management time,
the exact term is that time management is management efficiency.
Jordan Cohen is an expert on efficiency and the author of putting time on important work (Make Time for the Work That Matters).
The essence of time management is productivity,
he says.
The difference is like dieting and staying healthy.
You can go

[Dealmoon mother's day] mum doesn't like flashy things, so give her these when they're on sale

ay is coming.
Are you still worrying about what gifts to buy? Xiao Bian has arranged the most practical gifts from Mom and dad on Amazon and shared them with people who need gifts for their mothers.
Waterpik Aquarius professional water floss,
present price 9.
need to enter the purchase page,
click coupons.
Health is the happiest! Water floss sales champion! The health of the family is the most important,
so the health of the teeth can not be ignored.
It is known as the most advanced dental floss punch at present.
It has 7 nozzles,
including toothbrush head,
brush head,
periodontal bag,
nozzle and so on.
10 stage hydraulic pressure selection.
The base is provided with a switch,
and the holding part easily adjusts the water pressure,
and is equipped with a LED display screen to

The 4 picture smiled for 5 days

read this,
please click on the blue font zero comedy video and click attention so that you can continue to receive the video free of charge.
Share every day.
It's a free subscription.
Please feel free to pay attention to it.
Only 5 years old,
but a monthly salary of 8 thousand,
to feed a family of four! When the second child is open,
the boss's Day is better than the day.
This year,
the new year dumplings,
chop stuffing,
simply hide not to drop.
Chop after stuffing,
have chicken,
fill the body to the mother and child.
This hair pulled posture is quite professional,
completely pulled out my mother's demeanour that year! Help father embroidered cushions.
The insole embroidered my grandmother's feelings.
No more.
It's tears.
I have to wash my diaper for the second It's fun.
Don't sa

Structural opportunities emerge May trader strategy

stant small Hello,
long time no see,
today a news assistant,
exposing teacher [April trading strategy] in the 1 day of May is optional leading liquor,
early once the impact of trading,
closing up 9%,
and the trading strategy [March],
exposing the teacher self leading liquor Kweichow Moutai.
The cumulative increase of 15%,
far outperforming the broader market! As can be seen,
exposing teachers at least two months ahead of the layout of the liquor sector,
far more recently into the liquor stock institutions.
Now there is a harvest,
is the natural gift market returns,
congratulations to all of you join the trading strategy of you.
For example,
following the reader is very excited: in May,
a number of private equity that the A shares will have structural opportunities,
small assistant also rec

In May 5th the core reference (with shares)

he top opening can pay attention to my opening jiemuzhe518 covering A shares the most mainstream investors,
to provide exclusive daily headlines,
billboard and secret trading analysis! Dry cargo,
dirt more! One hundred million Chinese investors must read the free investment information before opening! How could you miss it?.
Good news: the official unveiling of the certification service number Unveiling hailun officially opened,
please pay attention at the same time (only Id jiemucaopan) unveiled hailun search unveiled the trader pay attention to business cooperation QQ:2997507325 I do not recommend any stocks,
do not charge membership,
never with any person any interest exclusive finishing important information source of network reference not as a trading basis: Gaga food will improve

He had big pot of gold pushed some success JDB one year after the preview come true we will now hear the whole story about him

year ago rhetoric launched JDB pot of gold will be a success,
a year after the prediction came true,
behind this Chinese enterprise upgrading strategy and perfect case story and consider how? In order to meet the needs of the majority of users to explore and thinking process to jiaduobao ups and development,
the general manager,
Trout Chinese JDB annual strategic consultant company Mr.
Deng Delong in April 20th last year,
jiaduobao pot of gold in April 20th this year and the launch of jiaduobao pot of gold celebration 1st Anniversary speech finishing assembly.
If Mr Deng Delong's speech two times compared to see video,
the business seems to have a more general revelation: the power of the mind is like a customer,
enterprise growth is thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers,
from po

[must read] low education, higher education will make money, the answer is shocked, look!

above the Tencent finance,
experience more exciting content: I hope every reading this article,
can legitimately on anti intellectualism say next: useless what,
when our self deprecating talk,
you don't take it seriously.
someone ask: some of my uncle is a pig to sell pork,
have made a fortune,
in recent years the family built a house,
bought a Mercedes Audi BMW,
worth tens of millions.
Every year the new year home is back,
Even now relatively poor uncle,
selling shampoo for 10 years,
and now also millions of net worth.
Their cultural level is not high,
most of them are from primary school to junior high school.
In contrast,
many cousins in famous universities (211 and 985) graduation,
but only monthly salary of normal wages,
five thousand to ten thousand monthly salary,

It's time to run light assets

: Chinese and foreign management for a long time,
many enterprises Chinese of heavy asset expansion,
the stem is actually head disc -- a thankless task.
If you can learn to outsource,
the days of your business may be better than keeping a pile of factory buildings.
Text / reporter Zhu Dong editor / Zhu Li has a story: it is in a party,
everyone began to satiated Entertainment: a sword dance,
poetry and poetry,
if not also guess a prohibition.
There is a break in a brute strength,
what will not.
It was his turn,
and he said,
I'll give you a millstone.
He walked into the yard,
put hundreds of pounds of stone removed,
at the top of the head.
Although it took a lot of effort,
what's the good thing about it? There is a phrase: the head of Pan - a thankless task.
In recent years,
many Chine

It has been the pinnacle of apple in China this year, revenue will decline 15, geeks know early

micro signal: geekpark geek headlines: really high peak has passed? Apple's revenue in China will fall by 15% this year! Source: Sina Technology day ago,
in view of the intelligent mobile phone market are facing difficulties in China,
the U.
investment bank Sterne Agee CRT expects Apple's 2016 fiscal year from the Chinese revenue fell 15%,
while Apple had released 2016 second quarter earnings report shows that revenue dropped 26% from the Chinese.
Comparatively speaking,
from 2011 to 2015,
43% of Apple's overall growth came from the contribution of the Chinese market.
The sharp increase in 2015 made apple's market share in China grow by 4 percentage points.
Sterne Agee CRT analyst Sheila believes that Apple eroded the Samsung market share,
because Samsung's market share fell 6 percentage

Good faith fried dough sticks brother do not eat their own, never sell other people, those who sell aluminum buns people how to see?

the media reported that Shaanxi Xianyang Baozipu boss for a soup buns fluffy selling a good friend,
was added in the flour containing baking powder,
steamed out aluminum buns for sale,
and excessive intake of aluminum elements,
will produce great damage to human bones and nervous system.
Compared to selling aluminum buns soup,
Hebei Baoding fried dough sticks brother Liu Hongan said,
they do not eat,
definitely not sold to others.
Four years ago,
like brother Liu Hongan Deep-Fried Dough Sticks by Deep-Fried Dough Sticks fried two times without oil commitment,
attracted every customer queuing,
to buy Deep-Fried Dough Sticks,
basically rely on grab,
he has three shops and a bakery for breakfast.
With a spoonful of good oil,
Liu Hongan received many honors.
At eight a.

[investment banking] average income of up to 50 over the years, set again to usher in an opportunity to layout

the fixed increase in stock every year to achieve a positive average income,
and 8 years on average,
the annual earnings of up to 50%.
Fixed by dazzling earnings data,
the probability of ultra high yield support behind? On the grid,
financial management will be discussed in this article,
decided to increase the income of the three key points.
The private placement of stock average revenue source: WIND financial research center on the grid: the increase in the stock of fixed discount income lower than the market,
so that investors have relatively low price advantage will increase the discount can be understood as set by the lock up period (usually a year) low liquidity compensation.
On the grid financial statistics,
2006-2015 years,
1135 companies listed by the auction,
the average d

Tutu wears a skirt like this

lothes to see,
you know,
sister is a very open person,
where are the beauties? Sister,
how much do you pay a day? You dare to use it properly.
The microwave heat durian blow cattle can,
as long as it is not in violation of advertising law heard in crooked sister paper are wearing this skirt feel good,
please like down down down

Who's your mother asking you to come home for dinner?

o go home and see mom in May 8th! What is a mother? Meng Jiao said: the mother line,
wandering clothing.
Golgi said,
all the glory and pride in the world comes from mother.
Dante said,
there is one of the most beautiful voices in the world,
and that is the call of mother.
I said,
my mother sees me as everything,
but me.
Here's the ad.
You can skip it,
but please don't skip your mother.
Mother's Day special offer two items wind brother organic rice,
let mother healthy! Yang Huaimi of Qinling Mountains,
the mother of the wild forest,
gave mother a sweet honey! Taobao search brother honey,
wind elder brother organic rice can choose exquisite gift for mother.
Click below to read the text and have it directly!

Why doesn't the game woman wear it?

own explanation.
In order to make the game.
The women smooth meat,
game makers had almost exhausted -- well,
here is the young people under the age of 18 can legally buy the game.
But how many game makers to give an account of the audit department and the media,
so the reason for streaking out all sorts of strange things.
A 5 in the Quiet alloy equipment: how bare metal gear 5 the story takes place in 1984,
if you do research on old movies,
80s hero tied in the head,
the biceps than Quiet body cloth cloth.
The official explanation: concentrating on the Quiet character set work design Hideo Kojima claims that the pink of perfection her costume design,
black people are his sperm on the brain! We see him released on Twitter - Heroic utterance  if she why so exposed,
you h

The red plug as long after opening the door and knock slapping sister-in-law

s always been the peak of marriage.
Men and women seize the rare holidays and return to their hometown to accomplish their great tasks in life.
in Hubei Jingzhou Shashi,
but such a wonderful wedding to the bride's family story - brother-in-law jieqin,
knocking at the door for a long time when Caton anger,
to open the door after the irrepressible anger,
in front of the bridesmaid sister-in-law dumped two.
A sweet wedding turned into a farce.
the public,
is a witness to the wedding and the groom's aunt.
On the afternoon of May 1st,
Zhang accompanied the bridegroom Mr.
Zhang to the bride's home.
Zhang introduced the whole process fairly smoothly,
until into the bedroom door when the bride,
bridesmaid bride sister has closed the door,
do good words,
throw red,

In the morning, two men and two women carpool, male passengers suddenly wrong, also slapped the girl

e morning of April 29th this year,
Hangzhou Xixi police station received excellent step,
the driver master Wang alarm,
said he had a passenger on the car fighting,
and for safety reasons,
he has pulled over,
please police rushed past disposal.
The site of the incident in all the way and staff Road intersection,
police rushed to the scene,
but only one driver wang.
According to master Wang said,
when he had two car drivers carpool,
2 men and 2 women,
are from the dawn of the road bar bar at the entrance of the car.
On the bus,
two girls and a boy in the back of the start wrong,
Master Wang ear scraped to a man,
saying I love you and so on,
all have the meaning of the girl and others,
the woman ignored him.
After a while,
the two girls played with the man in his seat,
pulling his hair and

Sudden Hangzhou Xiaoshan SUV was brutally rolling truck, fortunately, a miracle happened

Zhejiang emergency broadcast FM93 voice traffic to fans broke the news: Hangzhou Xiaoshan Sanyi line of serious accident,
a Harvard SUV were trucks rolling! Video too scary! Verified by the reporter: the accident occurred in the District of Xiaoshan Sanyi line Yinong town Zhongli village near the intersection,
off-road car drivers and passengers two were not life-threatening! After preliminary investigation,
this morning at 6:23 PM,
Jiang Mou (male,
37 years old) driving a large truck Anhui D plate,
along the Sanyi line traveling from east to west section of the incident,
and traveling from north to south by Panmou (female,
48 years old) small passenger Su A plate driving collision by a large truck driver Jiangmou injured,
small bus driver and passengers Shumou Panmo

[news] summer breakfast today

16 this summer,
you feel the breath of summer? Good morning ~  news NEWS news State Council will strike against infringement and counterfeiting before the office of the State Council issued the notice the 2016 national combat IPR infringement and selling counterfeit and shoddy goods points,
clearly pointed out the influence on innovation and development,
impede fair competition and the legitimate rights and interests of consumers against infringement and counterfeiting crimes will be severely punished at.
Armed police responded to the Wei Zexi incident,
armed police said that the widespread attention of the Wei Zexi incident attaches great importance to,
has formed a working group stationed in The Second Hospital of Beijing Armed Force.
The leaders said,
will fully cooperate with t

AppleStore Jesus

that Jesus is not going to ask the man powder.
Wei Feng network,
Jesus in the days before Apple Store appeared,
but more difficult to believe that Jesus has been driven away.
The scene is in a Apple Store in Philadelphia,
a man with a long hair,
wearing a Jesus style gown,
I heard that the man is very famous in Philadelphia,
also known as the Philadelphia Jesus (Philly Jesus),
but the Jesus was eventually taken away.
Reported that the man,
29 years old this year,
originally known as Michael Grant,
because often in the local shuttle,
so he became the local net red.
Back in 2014,
he was planning to skate in Dilworth square with a full Jesus,
who had been arrested because he refused to leave.
As for why the Apple Store was expelled this time,
it is not clear,
but passers-by

These things fresh memories of the star do you remember a few.

a lot of childhood memories and gives a glimpse of the beautiful child hastily disappeared,
they are also gradually grew up,
the current situation is more surprise.
I wonder if these guys from COCO have moved you? No.
1 Li Rui - Ding Kaile,
this is really one of the childhood male gods,
when I was a child,
I thought I would have such a good-looking boy,
and learning good and sensible,
is ideal for childhood.
This looks very delicate facial features ah,
how to see how good the rhythm ah,
COCO was once thought he had grown into a Yang Yang style,
because looks are very decent looking that hang.
At the age of 25,
he studied at the University of Sheffield in the UK,
many people have been met in the library.
Now we can not say long residual,
it is a standard straight facial appearance,
very to

We lay in bed, a yellow gusts of thoracic cavity

s article is not written by Yu Bo himself.
It is my shameless face that has been taken by me as a pedal and wrote by my own red assistant.
She has been escorted to the roof.
My God,
why not pick s? I'm sorry to witness this unbearable all or I,
the innocent and lovely,
just don't thaw from cold face to the red female assistant.
I never thought that the rest of life but also a close watch to two days after the tongue UPS (hey feel where not right,
This is a fatal attraction to Fauvism,
they put the girl s unemployment from Taipei to get to Beijing,
shooting the named mother is young mother's Day theme films.
I think the world should not find second people more suited to the subject than her,
because wearing a purple scarf,
wearing orange pink suit s in the field is really

The show is brilliant, lemon yellow, blue, and Chanel classic black and white. It's a feast of youthful colors

South Korea,
Miami and other cities,
in May 3,
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 early spring vacation series conference came to the city of freedom - Cuba's capital Havana.
For the first time in Latin American countries,
Chanel (Chanel) in Havana (Paseo Del Prado) the Prado Avenue unveiled 2017 spring vacation series.
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series conference held,
the Cuban capital Havana show before the opening,
Lafayette Carle Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) not only in the Cuban capital Factoria Habana Art Gallery held a Work in Progress Photography Exhibition for brand building,
but also exposed a group of Mica Arganaraz played by supermodel large preheating.
Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series conference invitation Chanel (Chanel) 2017 spring vacation series

What's your 20 reason for travel?

no time,
no company.
Are you still looking for a reason to mop up your travel plan? How long have you been traveling? The tedious life is temporarily put aside,
give yourself a courage,
give yourself a belief,
say go.
enjoy the journey of the whole process,
from the ticket to the end of the journey,
which all make people intoxicated,
when the city's cumbersome to make you impatient,
do not hesitate to move into the distance,
perhaps will suddenly see the light.
to see the moon abroad,
looking at the moon in the home,
whether it can understand the significance of home? 4.
in a fun,
birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers everywhere in the town,
the town's quiet and peaceful,
impetuous heart quiet? 5.
go to Africa to feel feverish and powerful,
look at the animals that are n

It's called a kebab. You can only count toothpick meat

e to give you an egg cake,
red alert! Can you really is about to enter the eating skewers children roll on big season? Show you what real kebab is! The one we eat can only be called toothpick meat! Collect and distribute / string line children with beer to the Great Wall is not a true man,
no regrets! If you don't go to Xinjiang for a real roast,
you'll regret it! Anyway,
read the following content after just want to say a word: before the mutton string is free! Don't believe it? Don't be so sure,
look after you will agree with me ~ ~ authentic Roasted Mutton is a time-consuming work to do before grilling preparations are refining carbon.
Mixing carbon wood must be in the desert the growth of Populus wood for the best,
one is the wood of Populus euphratica is strong,
even fire and burn

Two, 16 years old, funny than girls do not read, but played a bucket pen, ha ha ha

of last week,
a girl from England didn't do her homework at home and suddenly wanted to try putting some pens on her head.
In the beginning,
she put 7 pieces and put on a pair of scissors! So however,
she also a funny than friend Rebzy said she could put 14.
We have feelings you want to fight with me? Look,
I can only put 21,
by taking a fucker! So this is over,
completely burning gunpowder.
At 26,
you a pool! You 30,
you little bitch! You dare to call the labor? Look,
my head can hold 38! Put up the middle finger by the way!! You 38 fucking? I can take 50! Go fuck.
Come on! I 70.
But can you still see it? We shall,
under the 100,
just like wearing a hat! So I added 30,
do you dare??!! So my 179 plus 3 ruler? Refuse to obey? So well,
the final outcome is her friend Rebzy fu

AFC Champions League, Su Ning group, out of Hong Kong, knockout, Tokyo, Champions League, Bayern, eliminated by Atletico

2-2 North was eliminated last year,
May 4th,
the 2016 season of the Asian Champions League continued to play in the sixth round of the group competition.
In the group E match of concern,
FC Tokyo's 2-1 defeat in Vietnam Pingyang,
Jiangsu Suning 2-2 away and Jeonbuk shook hands and eventually FC Tokyo with 3 wins 1 flat 2 negative 10 points ahead of Jiangsu Suning,
and in the north of modern with the situation because the overall record is not dominant finished second group.
16 strong wars,
FC Tokyo will be the first home and away,
respectively in May 17th and May 24th and in Shanghai on the Hong Kong team.
The same group another promotion place was all North Hyundai take away,
Jiangsu Suning ranking team third regret out! Shandong Luneng 0-0 and buriram United's goalless

Why do you like basketball and listen to their answers?

he above blue word basketball practical skills forum,
a key concern! Try to be the best basketball player,
Why do you like basketball? This video is just your voice?

Twenty-two years, legendary life cast the first person of ancient and modern

Garnett chose to continue playing this he has 21 years of fighting game,
the next season at the age of 40 he will usher in his twenty-second season.
He is on the pitch,
directed his teammates opponents head impact with chatter without stop,
a hammer,
a chest,
paranoid longing for victory,
High ball,
left and right shoulder shake,
turn over jump shot,
ball into.
21 years ago,
Garnett used the turnaround jumper in the long Lin alliance redefined the inside of the offensive way; 21 years later,
Garnett still use this turnaround jumper in three minutes if the rain let people aftertaste alliance CIC's graceful beauty.
black elbow,
trash talk,
true man.
Love him,
hate him,
love him real man,
hate him a dirty vulgar man.
Whether you

Sorry, I can't wait for you

night and give you a warm bedtime dish.
Have you been waiting for someone? Stare at the time in the mobile phone,
bit by bit,
because the growth of time,
the other side has not arrived,
and inner anxiety.
If you are getting closer to your date,
your inner troubles will get you out of your mind.
You think,
waiting for someone is really the world's most annoying thing,
and next time will not wait for anyone.
This is the feeling you are waiting for when you are dating a friend.
But did you wait for someone in love? Miss Z is the first girl in her circle to catch up with puppy love bus.
She has her first boyfriend in the middle school where everyone doesn't know what love is.
At that time,
because of family events,
miss Z overnight from a girl into the students and parents in the eyes of the

Do you have a new skill in taking photos and showing legs? Get?

e do not edit small adorable supermodel like guards long legs,
but the photo tip,
we can also show the long legs,
ultra practical small adorable ~ ~ quietly tell you: if you have a WeChat is the latest version,
you will have fun top university power oh!

Why do we all hate conceited people?

elf righteous people not only firmly believe that they are right,
but also like to let the whole world know they are right.
They need to make others feel small,
and totally incapable of comparison with them.
This need seems never to be satisfied.
It sounds especially cruel,
but this kind of person does exist around us.
Our friends,
and even ourselves,
all have self righteousness.
Because everyone wants to be right,
to religious beliefs,
to small habits,
everyone has a range of standards from native families.
These standards form our comfort zone,
which is different from our comfort zone,
unlike ours.
When we feel the comfort zone is the challenge,
we will have a variety of emotions,
anger or tired,
or compel us to raise a hue and cry allu

How many wonderful quotations do you know about China?

mother make you a blind date? Every year on the Chinese new year,
dating will become a hot topic,
as the saying goes,
blind date,
many wonderful,
these wonderful dating quotations,
how many have you heard? I'm pisces! This is not the erhu yesterday also went on a blind date and then click [write] message with click [read] erhu view view review

Tonight, the world's super bear market opens

millions of financial high net worth fans who do not pay attention to finance,
you will be abandoned by the world,
because you can hardly catch up with the speed of printing money at the rate of making money.
This is the original subscription number,
author Huang Sheng,
like investment network chairman,
graduated from Peking University,
six years of commercial banks,
with seven years of experience in PE investment,
China well-known investors,
currency experts,
money game behind the Diaoyu islands.
investment and other business cooperation with WeChat personal please: hs600036,
please explain why cooperation.
Start to take care of sina micro-blog,
over the past three years,
almost did not take care of micro-blog,
now return three years ago my micro-blog very fire,
every day i

The HAYA band, there's a prairie, farther than the distance

their music,
your body is like the earth,
the blood is like a river,
and the eyes are like the sky.
They follow from the voice of the soul between the tradition and the modern,
they caused widespread concern in the art world of unique ancient Mongolia folk dances,
long and modern interpretation of the original music.
HAYA expresses not only the understanding of modern Mongolia music,
but also the love of nature and the calling of the mind.
Tan Dun (Chinese composer and conductor) who is calling for the lost lamb left home away from the grassland where in I am a singer in the sky,
the flowers of different types of music.
The HAYA band is undoubtedly unique on this stage.
Used to listen to pop songs and artificial ears,
found that there was such a kind of music,
direct the s

A warm male brother is what kind of experience, let Sun Li Deng Chao's little sister to tell you

the top of the family can quickly pay attention to - Oh,
May 3rd,
floret sister ushered in the second birthday of life,
no doubt,
and on the hot search! Young had a birthday on the hot search,
may really envy ah ~ funny than Deng Chao's 35 year old birthday,
empress in a family of three in the photo in the micro-blog PO,
and announced the good news she was pregnant with second child for the first time,
we look forward to the new family model: 1+1=4.
This time the younger sister is still in the empress belly,
but as a domestic first-line big Sun Li,
Deng Chao's children,
destined to be too much attention.
In May 3rd of the same year,
little sister came to this world.
At 21:52 PM,
the Lady in micro-blog news: sister came.
Then everyone will know the nickname little sister,

The book rich chowhound but don't affluenza

energy supplement of modern diet must be satisfactory,
but it is easy to replenish energy and lead to rich disease! Obesity,
coronary heart disease and diabetes are major diseases that have been plaguing health.
This disease is also called the disease of wealthy people.
Look at the foods that keep you away from the rich disease and truly rich! 1,
eat more tomatoes can anti-aging in summer,
tomatoes as seasonal fruit under the aging is always very necessary,
can effectively prevent aging to eat more tomatoes,
this is because the tomato contains a strong antioxidant lycopene,
such as lycopene to prevent body aging is very helpful,
at the same time,
for heart disease and cancer,
when eating tomatoes,
is good resistance.
eat sweet potatoes can prevent cancer in sweet potato have eno

Liu Tao's lob head is so hot and hot. Can summer be cool and greasy?

n first edition of the most popular female male,
click the title below the blue word about her published five beauties in a drama of the Ode to joy popular,
as Andy Liu Tao not only offensive momentum tankful,
the appearance of the lob head assembly is always west of her,
is to let the heat from time to time and return to the lob hairstyle.
Peak flow.
We play with her hair and lob interpretation and understanding,
she plays outside can be deduced from this hairstyle sweet and handsome.
So for such a temperament change,
and can modify facial hair,
not only brought Liu Tao know how to pose,
domestic and foreign actress is Bianzhuohuayang fashion show.
We use it to face the goddess Gianna Jun modified face Mizuhara Kiko fashion supermodel Bianzhuohuayang used it to find Gao Yuanyuan Liu Shi

You say Necklace style thousands of millions, there is always one of your favorite

ng: what style of necklace will a boy wear? What are some good necklaces to recommend? The following is the text you always good friends! And by Wednesday you say  column.
The day before yesterday I took you usually will choose what kind of necklace brothers very enthusiastic response,
see a lap down and found that brothers choose necklace is different here to see what they have.
We @ Dexter style authentic Tibet Langya necklace the feeling is really full of fighting that silver carved value,
a look that is spent great efforts to do so and it is not able to.
Attack + 10! Defense + 3! The value of life 5! Ha ha ha ha @ Dexter so the next friend has real bullets is not a social body brother will let you three come @ Dexter I see is really Goro s DC slobber wow 'large leaves and the big w

After I saw the great hoax, I was silent

J00123987) - different news,
different stories,
millions of people subscribe to the WeChat tuba.
Click on the title under the blue word insight free attention,
we will provide you with valuable and interesting extended reading.
Content source: Lanzhou evening news (http://dwz.
the text from a comprehensive network,
many years ago,
a small town in the United States there was a bank robbery.
The robbers failed to get the money but were trapped in the bank by security guards.
He grabbed a five year old boy and asked the police to prepare  hundred thousand and a car,
or they would shoot people.
The negotiator Nelson arrived,
after unsuccessful negotiations,
he had to try to delay the time,
let On your marks.
Seeing the kidnappers will kill the sniper,
pull the trigger,
the bo

The public offering of the fund and the profit was also forced Meng ST audit that infront micro financial fraud 000670

nd report: chinafundnews [WeChat] to the poor,
a mechanism was kept in stock,
these two days there has been a stampede of madness.
China fund report of listed companies infront micro storage Ze (000670) although the annual earnings,
January 30th results of letters,
the 15 year profit 2100W,
to match the 9 billion of its market value,
you can see the 16Q1 of the top ten shareholders is the basic mechanism.
But in April 27th,
the audit agency issued a disclaimer of opinion non-standard,
then becomes the second *ST infront,
April 29th,
company before the announcement,
then in accordance with the existing rules,
the suspension,
ST with cap.
a lot of institutions being kept in stock,
these two days there has been crazy stampede.
Although the annual total annual season will inev

The most important thing for China to educate is not the children, but the parents, especially the father

J00123987) - different news,
different stories,
millions of people subscribe to the WeChat tuba.
Click on the title under the blue word insight free attention,
we will provide you with valuable and interesting extended reading.
Content source: Mom (http://dwz.
graphic from the network now Chinese,
what advocate in line with the developed countries in the world,
but most parents need education with the developed countries in the world are forgotten by us.
If young lovers in some developed countries want to get a marriage certificate,
they must attend the parents' school sponsored by the government and be trained to get a marriage certificate.
Chinese parents generally insist on a casual and relaxed state of mind: as long as they have a marriage certificate,
they can ha

The weather, the first commander of Warburg world cup basketball tournament began soon

Shanghai and information management industry circle of friends in many financial institutions and information management industry will usher in a stretch for more than a month of sports event -- from fortune SGAM fund held the first Warburg Cup basketball game on May 6th started the lead,
the curtain opened after a fierce battle after a total of 10 participating units in basketball,
the two basic weekly rhythm,
passion to mid June.
In June 17th,
the championship will be through the fierce battle to decide the winner this basketball tournament title,
brief and solemn awards will be a full of youthful vigor and friendship events draw a full stop.
It is reported that participate in the basketball athlete,
coach from the fortune SGAM fund,
the Shanghai stock exchange,
securities reg

Often stay up late, poor skin, these artifact can be first aid, stay up late muscle

oday is to save the night,
! Stay up all night! Stay up all night! Stay up all night! Often stay up late can cause your skin to be dark,
pore is bulky,
water shortage,
not to mention still can cause a series of body disease! No one is worth your stay up late.
Are you good at keeping up with all that money? 1 Freeplus amino acid cleansing stay up late again,
also cannot forget the face! This high price on amino acid cleansing,
cheap and durable,
suitable for students' Party ~ delicate and rich foam,
after washing clean and dry,
and very mild,
any skin can use ~ 2 all perfect delicate love of facial cleansing ~ decorte perfect delicate series of deep in my heart,
every single product are very hot,
almost no step on mine! Add five peptides and 21 kinds of top cosmetic ingredients,

Yi Xi smelt one thousand children become uremia after surgery into Harlem Yu Lee Min Ho Department of Putian has been out of hand to the entire entertainment

the photo is easy to smelt one thousand Yuxi that fraudulent liar set off a small storm in micro-blog.
The cause is a liar in the liberation of Hengyang along the roadside for help,
sharp eyed netizens spotted,
then sent to the internet.
Have to say,
the cheater's IQ is estimated to starve to death.
Usually the roadside begging from dawn to dusk doesn't have time to watch TV even,
how should choose a not so red.
Walk through the passing of so many friends,
can not recognize it is better,
if it was exposed on the spot? What about real love powder? I'm afraid it's not so easy to put on the internet! So,
come to see some entertainment news,
although it is illustrated,
but sad see tears,
but others have a gorgeous,
how could reduced to begging for survival.
easy to smelt on

Jiaduobao from the power of the mind is the revelation of the customer (dry cargo with thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers)

hero) -- the inner world is big enough to dance! A year ago rhetoric launched JDB pot of gold will be a success,
a year after the prediction came true,
behind this Chinese enterprise upgrading strategy and perfect case story and consider how? Some time ago,
we recommended a Sohu finance interview with Deng Delong video,
the response was very warm.
In order to meet the needs of the majority of users to explore and thinking process to jiaduobao ups and development,
the general manager,
Trout Chinese JDB annual strategic consultant company Mr.
Deng Delong in April 20th last year,
jiaduobao pot of gold in April 20th this year and the launch of jiaduobao pot of gold celebration 1st Anniversary speech finishing assembly.
If Mr Deng Delong's speech two times compared to see video,
the business se

11 in the morning 1 a.m. bad boy mentor WeChat aired / date

oo many helpless,
love me,
I do not love,
I love people do not love me! If you want to be with a girl you like earlier,
why don't you listen to the bad boys and mentors analyze how to attract girls?.
The bad boy's current mentor has been fully upgraded,
super powerful! Tomorrow course 11 -12: fruit of love live instructor: Fruit 12 point -13: but love live instructor: ran 13 -14: my love live my tutor: 14 -15: Megumi love live Supervisor: Huimei 15 -16: elegant love live instructor: elegant 16 point -17: can love can live instructors: 17 -18: Sydney Sydney Supervisor: love live 18 -19 love live: Anya Supervisor: Anya 19 -20: King Magnus love live Tutor: Wang Nai 20 -21: Jiekaorui love live tutor Jiekaorui: 21 -22: Yajie love live Supervisor: Yajie 22 -23: fruit of love live instructors: 23

A dry treasure house gives you the most timely and comprehensive support for your appointment

is the largest emotional education platform in Asia,
and most of the dating dry posts you can find on the Chinese web are generated from our side.
At present,
we have tens of thousands of posts on our official website,
even on our WeChat public number,
there have been 4600 posts.
Although the content is very rich,
but this also causes the user to face the massive article,
does not know from where starts.
Especially some encountered affective state,
very anxious users,
even if they are using the search function,
there are hundreds of thousands of posts,
and so the efficiency is low,
uneven in quality,
we do not wish to see.
Bad boy has always wanted to really service users,
improve the user experience,
so that we can be the most efficient to attract girls.
in view of this,

She has been in love with my bed for two days

ing this article only 4 minutes this is 4601st bad boy for you to share my dry cargo,
as of May 4,
a total of 816655 bad boys and you together in the front line of the battle field! I used the bad boy method to meet beauty in Phoenix Town.
That night,
she did not accept my ambiguous,
I sent her back to the inn,
looking at her back,
body and mind suffering to.
But the second day,
I found all the suffering is worth it,
Want to see the above? Please click on the article below to read the original sex pull,
I and Xiao Xin second times in a quiet bistro.
A woman like her is not bored to date for the two night in a row with a newly known opposite sex.
Me too.
So we passed my group of friends,
and we went crazy for half a night before we moved here.
You know,
I've nev

Welfare, you certainly are not like this, learn elder sister to bask in photograph to take perfume!

and the year of graduation season.
Now you're about to graduate? Graduated for many years? Or are you enjoying the colorful campus life? For the first time,
many of us are here.
The first time chasing a boy first part-time to earn extra money first join the Halloween party first and pull cool boy fall in love in the campus if you like Ariel lovely,
or as fish in Ady Ann is a good girl? Would you like to take your campus picture and spend the graduation season with us? The sun shine theme: # campus and the spring # enough youth,
you enough energy to drying out of you now (or when) campus photos,
and let us live youth song and line! Sun shine,
there are prizes to take oh! This prize Givenchy Eau 50ml garden mist perfume with sweet fruit flavor,
sweet and not greasy,
like strolling i

10 afternoon the universe's most embarrassing embarrassment

ing user's real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 to a friend's home,
friends to kill a chicken to eat,
said Fengnianguojie chickens are his.
See him seizing the neck of the chicken and holding a knife in his hand! Ten minutes to go,
the chicken was strangled alive.
He told me that the knife was to divert the chicken's attention,
-- -- -- -- -- TOP2 mobile phone calls,
because before,
is not a lost wallet,
a replacement card,
I have no money,
so me off to find her sister,
sister pitiful said,
you know,
I am a student and then I said to the poor in a complete mess,
charge one hundred,
then give you five hundred,
sister efficiency also can not cover,
I just finished.
She just gave me two hundred.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TOP3 in mahjong;

Salad tastes pretty much, and sweetheart rock salad wants to make a difference with a transparent plastic pot

micro signal: wow36kr shake the action,
to allow consumers to enhance the sweetheart rock salad impression,
the formation of brand recognition in recent years off this wave of new wave of domestic consumption,
salad can be counted as one of the earliest affected category.
From the development situation,
including 36 krypton had introduced the lecherous pie salad,
thin salad,
most of the current Internet brand salad is still in the early stages of B round before the fight.
In my view,
the threshold of salad business is not high,
it is difficult to form a monopoly.
On the one hand,
salad making technology is difficult,
and the taste difference is not particularly obvious.
At the same time,
in the face of such a market,
consumers are very willing to try something new,
not strong to t

Focus Media took 100 million yuan of angel financing, this robot financing companies do not have the same?

micro signal: wow36kr China Merchants Bank credit card APP pocket life may be responsible for a large white cute adorable stay can not immediately come to your side venture,
but the robot financial is getting closer and closer to us.
Intelligent robot financial management,
investment consulting,
is an emerging online wealth management services.
It is mainly based on the risk tolerance level,
income target and style preference offered by individual investors,
and a series of intelligent algorithms and portfolio optimization models are used to provide the corresponding investment reference.
Over the past two years,
the rapid development of smart investment in the United States,
in 2012 the United States investment scale industry robot is almost zero,
14 years already has 4 billion of asse

Today, the universe's most embarrassing Figure 10.

ing user's real experience from embarrassing 100 TOP1 keep fat meat a thousand days! Today the wind,
said there is no pressure to go out -- -- -- -- -- TOP2 you cry to me,
the fairy tale is a lie.
-- -- -- -- -- TOP3 to see that this is not a serious cat dad -- -- -- -- TOP4 ha ha,
you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---- TOP5 rose posture,
Chinese culture was broad and profound ah,
you know a few.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - TOP6; anxious! Hurry out of the ancient animal Qinglong one,
two months now,
can recognize the blood of the lord! Life only one Lord,
the Dragon King of the eastern sea Pro Disun,
friendly to strangers,
but a strong sense of protecting.
When you are three years old,
you can ride with a dragon wing,
so you don't have to worry about the wind and rain.
Not affe

Korean recommend 20, not because of the good love you, but really love you

k if you dare say that love me like you like me crazy for love in the end what do you think of why always so deep in my heart you say don't mourn for you but how could &lt mood and crazy for love; > he suffered through deception and betrayal of love,
such as humble a grain of sand,
he was the woman named Han Zaixi ruthlessly abandoned,
as revenge,
never expect your love will meet again.
She is above,
sitting on the envy of fame and money,
proud as a cloud,
for 29 years she has no idea what love is,
she has her way of life in her own world,
and she never expected herself to fall in love.
He's an asshole,
and she's not an angel.
But their love,
but it is nowhere in the world can find love.
He is a kind man,
Jiang Malu,
she is a lonely woman,
Xu Enqi.
The first appearance of En Qi,
gave gi

Silicon Valley table tennis table is not good, even with technology companies have a significant connection

Sina Technology we lead recently,
table tennis table sales of Silicon Valley is declining,
perhaps reflecting the trend of the technology bubble in Silicon Valley.
In the Silicon Valley technology industry,
playing table tennis is considered one of the employees' due rights.
The | Sina Viking Twitter released last week quarter earnings so many investors worried about.
if they focus on another important indicator,
they can anticipate the Twitter's dilemma.
By the end of 2014,
Twitter will regularly order table tennis tables from Wholesale store in San Jose,
All of a sudden,
Twitter stopped ordering.
Simon Wu Ng,
the store's owner,
said it was either because there was no room in Twitter's office,
or because the company had a problem with Simon.
Twitter's rece

SAFER buffer wall was born, how it makes the track more safe Watch

rcuit is more than before,
a wall,
so with the people have been lifted out and now come out of their own difference,
then this wall is monkey sent to siege lion repair? When we Cemayangbian,
ready to track a big,
not technology for adrenal gland,
or is it bad luck driver,
danger is not far away.
In fact,
when the race was developed,
the track wasn't what we saw now.
Once you (accident),
basically rely on hide),
next to the cement wall of the track at that time,
the facilities are relatively complete,
but more is to put billboards or the whole fence next to.
This means that once the car is out of control,
drivers and spectators have resigned next to the audience.
Then what shall I do? Always have some walls to block,
so there's the cement and concrete walls behind.
These devices are calle

Have you ever taken a picture that you won't forget?

the southern daily,
South + client jointly launched the Guangdong Provincial Department of transportation,
Trinidad found beauty blink of an eye - Guangdong high-speed photography contest,
the society collected in Guangdong high-speed road as the theme of photography.
more than half of the schedule,
we collected a lot of friends sent to the works.
Does the scenery on the road arouse your inner impulse? Now you have the opportunity to set off with the South + to shoot the most beautiful highway in Guangdong! Let's see the events below! Maybe in the morning to see the coastline along the Guangzhou Shenzhen has not wake up; perhaps in Baomao speed through a litchi forest,
the wind blows the leaves as Teana; Road (Ping Xing high-speed Pingyuan county is the first high-speed,

Today, hot Jessica, Lee Min Ho, TOP bulletproof Youth League, song Zhong foundation, dazzle, AOA, Li Zhongshuo and other idols

hat news does Korean entertainment have? Jessica- Lee Min Ho -TOP- bulletproof Youth League - Song Zhongji - Kim Hyun,
Li Zhongshuo and other idols,
as well as the latest Korean drama,
the latest information! Click below [to read the original] to see today's most exciting information! Down down down down down

Yoona bold open mate mate turned out to be him

SNSD starring Yoona Lu drama Wu God Zhao Zilong is China hit,
she participated in the day before the recording of happy camp,
happy camp yesterday (3 days) in the official micro-blog revealed that she is wearing the costume pictures,
beautiful like fairy.
And in the happy camp,
Yoona also for the first time on the program to disclose the ideal lover's standard: 1 is considerate warm man,
and 2 is to be as handsome as her father.
A remark,
in the circle of fans exploded,
the fans have responded: Yoona Oni,
although I am not a warm man but I am warm woman,
I will have you particularly good,
particularly thoughtful (shy face) so I think about how,
my ideal type of Lim Yoona and my spouse is Lim Yoona's lovely,
serious work,
strict in demands

How important is it to talk?

ant is it to talk? Wen / mu,
/MU (mushiwusuo) M,
called several of us to her house.
The nest is in her living room,
watching cats and mice.
We retained from the university tradition,
from time to time to recall,
then laughing with utterly routed.
This time,
laughing and laughing,
I found M sobbing in the air.
M broke up with her boyfriend.
They fell in love with high school for three years,
after a year of long-distance love,
and then survived the seven years of exotic love.
At last they finished their studies and went back to their hometown.
When everyone thinks their love marathon is going to be a perfect stop,
they give it a terminator.
M said before the time to meet a long-distance relationship,
are few,
and each time is for full joy after being apart a long time,
many problems are obs

0 again issued statement not receive medical extension,
this word so familiar,
then also vowed,
not long after secretly picked up.
Now see Baidu was exposed,
and the old man stood up,
do not know how many people are there in this period became the 360 search in Wei Zexi.
Baidu is not,
360 is the two companies are not worth the promise and then deny in succession,
A little old to see 360 personality disorder.
360 just do the search,
his father Zhou Hongyi blasted the other search with medical advertising,
all kinds of harsh words were said again,
what the black dealer for his money.
All the words he could think of were used by him.
In short,
the medical ads are not good things,
to represent justice to destroy them.
As a former victim of medical advertising,
when 360

Actors in the game of power are all good for porn stars

f Thrones sixth season just play two sets in the circle of friends is the first personal mood ups and downs in just download a file folder on the second to third people were spoilers game of Thrones Shuabing after sharing an article called a set did not look,
how to pretend to have read game of Thrones  the fourth circle of friends say a song of ice and fire? Is that so? 2.
whether or not you are because of this drama of large scale began to watch this drama game of Thrones really holding out a lot of actress their tentacles extend to the whole movie  game of Thrones in the drama actress actually because of the fire,
we can only remember them in the name of the play.
But this may not know.
So list the real name of the 11 actresses for everyone to search,
in fact,
they c

She is 93, but dares to call herself a girl

len pictorial (ID:helenview) today's main name is Phyllis Sues,
born in April 4,
she is 93 years old,
she confidently claims to be a girl.
What kind of old man is this? A slim,
two always smile full of intense big eyes,
have the beauty of love fashion dress up Phyllis with young people,
so you must be very hard to believe that this is a 93 year old man! Just beyond the age of appearance,
body and mind of countless young people to shame,
her life experiences are enough to make all the amazing praise,
called the legend! 14 years old,
beginner ballet talent,
with the inherent tall stature and elegant temperament,
Phyllis for the first time ballet class attracted the attention of the teacher.
With a passion for ballet,
she trained hard,
this talent good dancers really del

Microsoft black technology HoloLens configuration is not strong, but it is solving the biggest problem now

s black tech representative,
has begun to sell to developers.
What is the inner meaning of HoloLens that is full of sense of science and creativity? Hardware configuration geometry? Foreign media WindowsCentral has also got the HoloLens in kind,
and tested it with AID64 Mobile.
according to the results displayed,
WindowsCentral gives the detailed parameters of the HoloLens.
A HoloLens profile from Windows Central from these parameters,
in addition to custom HoloLens Graphics GPU/HPU,
Microsoft's ambition in the hardware configuration does not seem to be very advanced,
these different units are not uncommon.
The most interesting of these parameters might be the processor.
HoloLens processor belongs to the Intel Atom X5 series,
model X5-Z8100,
belongs to the Airmont family

Ampamp let you cry for someone who makes you smile you love who warm light Nocturne

light Nocturne and updated in every night,
chatting with everyone for reclining in bed stay hair topic.
Or is it a key that opens every sleepless night,
the door to your memories?.
We are more willing to listen to your voice than to talk.
The lamp lights,
friends said: let you cry you love someone who makes you smile is love and love to love you is a kind of happiness no matter which one should treasure let you cry & someone who makes you smile,
who do you love more? So zavie let me laugh I love.
Who makes me cry,
I love.
Love makes me cry.
Marry marry make me laugh.
Mint cat,
I still love you after all,
you can make me laugh makes me sad,
like why why Chen Sheng Xiao Murray said to Zhao Mosheng,
if the world there is one person appeared,
others will become rough,
but I don't want to d

The most influential technology products top 50 released iPhone topped the tenth bright blind

eport] May 4th news,
according to foreign media reports,
the United States time electronic edition on Tuesday selected the most influential technology products 50,
Apple Corp's iPhone topped the list.
The article said that although smart phones have turned out for a long time,
since Apple Corp launched its first iPhone in 2007,
there has been no comparable rival products.
In addition to iPhone,
Apple Corp's Macintosh is in third place,
iPod is ninth,
iPad is twenty-fifth,
and iBook is thirty-eighth.
SONY player is the fourth player in the music device.
Among the top 50,
there are some products that give people youthful memories,
such as the sixth ranked Victrola phonograph and the fifteenth Nintendo NES game.
Nintendo is the highest ranked video game system,
and Nintendo's game

Google released a new version of the input method, one hand operation, adjustable, highly user-friendly, a lot

methods support the single hand mode of the keyboard,
but the native input method of Google has not been able to do so.
the upcoming version of the Google input method adds this feature to a new choice for users who prefer native input methods and are accustomed to single handed typing operations.
In the new version of the Google input method,
you can select a single hand mode by setting or pressing the comma on the keyboard.
Another highlight is the update,
if you think the vocabulary input prediction is not accurate enough,
you can from your keyboard vocabulary to delete the prediction by custom vocabulary,
long time accumulation can be obtained to predict vocabulary better experience,
enhance the efficiency of input.
Of course,
in addition to the new features,
the new Google n

If you are dirty, don't read this article

single day,
dirty has become a daily greeting for everyone to meet each day.
According to textual research,
  from the Japanese word pollution damage live,
said the wretched,
dirty thoughts not pure or dirty words.
everyone's life hobby,
in addition to eat,
but also added a dirty.
the following 4 curious,
too straight my mouth,
said no,
a good play dirty good joy.
If you want to know how big your dirty scale is,
then open up the joys of these wonderful things,
and test them.
Ask Numen #iOS love A& F naked? You can get a dozen from your cell phone now.
or a one-time 200 can help you make a decision that you hesitate when naked.
Open a Ask Numen,
you can see the screen soon filled with a naked man,
they h

Musk, next year I'm going to be in Batman's combat suit

ression of ordinary people,
the spacesuit is an extremely inconvenient garment.
Although it protects astronauts,
the clunky design limits their mobility.
If you want to wear it to do some fine work,
it is estimated that many people crazy.
Illustration from: NASA,
for this reason,
space researchers to carry out relevant research,
to explore how to simplify the problem of spacesuit.
NASA published a concept of the spacesuit Z-2,
the other with StarCraft in the Terran battle suit more similar,
near the body design suit can provide more space for the wearer.
Illustration: imgur,
Elon Musk musk puts forward a more radical idea: next year,
SpaceX will be able to develop a new spacesuit.
This spacesuit will be more tight than NASA's Z-2,
and shape like superhero or DC movie super

Besides iPhone and Walkman, what are the digital products that influence the times?

made the ape man a modern Homo sapiens,
and technological change has constantly influenced our world.
Since the industrial revolution,
this influence is reflected in the daily life is more and more apparent; from the beginning of the third technological revolution,
science and technology influence on people's daily life further intensified in recent decades is reached a peak.
People in modern society have been difficult to imagine how to live the intelligent mobile phone; it is hard to imagine if the camera is not invented how to record the eternal moment; TV plays the role of changing people access to information; as for the computer,
its importance and influence on the generation of more needless to say.
Time magazine's technology and business authors have identified 50 of the most influ

Five youth day -- five times for the youth

een here five times in this vigorous Five Youth Day? The youth who are not impulsive youth who are not confused together to recall my youth # slimy # 1.
to see more of Durex's youth past child [read] Click to view more

[ifanrQ] about KindleOasis, you ask me answer

Q & a section for love focused products.
Any questions about the product,
you can put forward in the comments,
we will pick a number of high number of issues,
and in Friday's WeChat push to give specific answers.
Good questions will also appear on fan's home page.
The topic of this issue is Kindle Oasis (click on a detailed review),
an electronic reader priced at 399.
Any details about this product you want to know,

The national team opened the mysterious veil of the 3 trillion regiment actually buy those shares

with the A shares of listed companies a quarterly disclosure is completed,
a tough men's mysterious veil has been lifted,
it is called Chinese stock king,
is sitting on a net worth of  trillion and 320 billion,
less money can match.
As of June 30,
the Central Huijin holdings has China bank,
agricultural bank,
industrial and commercial bank,
China Everbright Bank,
Xinhua insurance 5 listed companies,
the same number and hold with the end of the year 2015,
thus eliminating the semi annual national team itself holds the stock market value of A,
the national team total holdings of A stock market value of about 800000000000 yuan.
No matter from the origin or capital reserves,
the gold certificate and Huijin Company are undoubtedly the king of the stock market.
the trend has

How far is the fed from the shrink table?

due to the reduced form the interest rate hike is just a tool,
so before the interest rate hike this step to stabilize,
the Fed could not rush to.
The | Zhong Zhengsheng macroeconomic research director Zhang Lu assistant analyst main point in April 8th this year,
Bernanke and Yellen four chairman of the Federal Reserve for the first time gathered together to attend the New York nonprofit organization International House seminar.
At the meeting,
the current chairman,
said the Fed had a plan to significantly reduce the balance sheet size,
and will start the shrinking process after a slight increase in interest rates (rates a bit higher).
This means that in the future,
the Fed may be achieved by reducing the table with interest rates in line with the volume a

A shares are about to usher in a major event, ahead of the layout of 53 stocks

e 10000 yuan cash red envelopes big broadcast! The fourth round of 100 WeChat envelopes has been sent,
click to view the winning list.
Video: foreign media survey: A shares into the MSCI index next month opportunities greater than 50%,
A-share market is about to usher in an important event A! An unsettled event! Once this is successfully achieved,
A shares or will rise by 5%-10%! The decision time for this matter is next month! The big event for investors is that MSCI will decide whether to include A shares in its emerging market index next month,
which is related to whether China's stock market can reach the international stage.
Next month,
if A shares are included in the MSCI,
or this will bring hundreds of billions of dollars of funds! A shares were more than 50% chance to be included i

Limited time to buy 5, 4 here, all the baby together, as long as 5 4

glorious successors of the successors of communism and the revolutionary predecessors.
Here is the Indonesian sister.
Wish all the young people a happy holiday! Congratulations,
you found a big bargain today! You can't buy 5 pieces of 4 losses,
5 pieces of 4 you can not buy fooled ~ 5 pieces of 4 you will receive a postcard: private customized a beautiful photo frame lattice limited edition calendar 2016 bee photographer a concern now mad bee impression public account number in a public reply we are Communist after class get a reply 5 4 payment code or two-dimensional code scanning pictures directly involved with the payment! The successful payment screenshots sent to the mad bee impression of the public accounts,
and include your name,
address and Print Postcard photos

IPhone7 parts photo exposure, good cancel 35mm headphone jack?

eporting] May 4th news,
according to foreign media reports,
the French website Nowhereelse.
fr exposure of a group of allegedly iPhone 7 parts photos,
and it will be compared with iPhone 6s.
there have been a lot of rumors that iPhone 7 will be more slim,
the most effective approach to achieve thinner body is to cancel the 3.
5mm headset jack.
But from the exposure of the parts in the picture we can see clearly that in addition to the cellular antenna and lightning port,
the lower end of the left most clearly retains a separate white headset jack,
which indicates that the 3.
5mm headset hole still exists.
Some netizens said: look at the tail plug antenna,
you can determine that this is the 4.
7 inch version of iPhone 7,
and 5.
5 inches is the same,
it is not clear.

In 2016, China's richest 500 people, freshly baked, the first, it is still him

May 4th news reports,
the new wealth,
today announced the 2016 500 rich list,
data show,
Wang Jianlin third times to become the richest man,
Tencent chairman and CEO Ma Huateng,
Alibaba chairman of the board Ma,
ranked two or three.
China's richest 500 fortune total of over 80000 yuan,
Wang Jianlin three degrees summit,
Wang Jianlin,
Wang Sicong,
father and son to 198 billion 260 million yuan of wealth,
once again become China's richest man,
its wealth increased by 50.
6% over last year.
Prior to the 2010 and 2012 Wang Jianlin also topped the Chinese richest man,
since the board at the top to allow the 62 year old Wang Jianlin became the new wealth of the 500 richest launch,
the first three times the rich.
This is mainly due to Wanda cinema after the listing,
the stock price soared,

How long can Peking Opera last if Mei Baojiu leaves?

people go to the end of April 25,
the famous Peking opera performing artist,
the son of Peking Opera master Mei Lanfang,
the head of Peking Opera Art Group Mr.
Mei Baojiu died in Beijing at the age of 82.
Yesterday morning,
Mei Baojiu's farewell ceremony was held at the funeral home in Beijing,
Father and son guru,
two generation legend,
the man is not in the The tune lingered in the room.
Pear blossom,
spring with rain,
pear flower fall,
spring into the mud,
this life only for one person to go.
This is the Peking Opera Tang concubines in the lyrics,
Mei Baojiu seems to sing life: life drama,
art life.
Mei Baojiu is the youngest son of Mei Lanfang,
is the only inherit the mantle,
at the age of 10,
he began studying opera,
life in 72 years of dedicat

VRAR hot behind what kind of project most favored by capital?

ing called the first year of VR/AR.
Tencent and other giants cut into the VR/AR.
Entrepreneurs have also invested in this so-called future trillion market areas.
There are hardware to do,
but also to do software,
providing content,
but also to provide a platform,
then VR/AR products and technology,
what are the differences? What are the mature VR/AR hardware in China at present? Hand travel,
film and television,
who will become the first beneficiaries of the commercialization of VR/AR road? What are the most difficult problems plaguing the development of the industry? Is it true that the recent crazy AR market share will be several times that of the VR market? VR hardware and content entrepreneurs,
who are most favored by investment? In May 6th

The dollar index collapsed sharply, when did the miserable days of the Bulls end?

the exchange rate market began to stir,
a rare 7 dollar index fell,
it is 08 years since the financial crisis,
the dollar index for the first time in this step to break down.
With the Fed continuing to postpone interest rate expectations,
this year,
the dollar began to continue to weaken,
the U.
dollar index has dropped from 100 last year's high to 92.
On Tuesday,
the dollar had fallen to its lowest level in January 2015,
and foreign currency experts and foreign exchange traders said the fall would continue as the current situation shows.
And last year,
experts who advocated the imminent collapse of the renminbi and the dollar's rise were nowhere to be found.
The days of the dollar bulls is not at the end of last week,
the Bank of Japan decided to maintain the monetary policy unchanged,

Shock poised in May, the two most profitable stocks

esday's close,
the stock index fell 1.
54 points,
the index closed at 2991.
10 points,
the Shenzhen Component Index fell 19.
12 points,
the gem index closed at 10422.
80 points,
down 6.
21 points,
to close at 2211.
02 points,
year-on-year turnover slightly shrinking,
the two cities a total turnover of 535 billion 300 million yuan,
capital flows showed today is still a net outflow of funds.
Most of the current point risk has been released,
the downward space is not large,
relatively or relatively safe stage.
Adjustment is approaching the end of the shock wave poised to rebound big market.
Follow trader master layout,
the most profitable stocks in May! Hailun tracking is by trading firm,
senior analyst in the system simulation,
real-time statistical analyst earnings,
users choose according to anal

Legend of the world tour hand Oriental Fantasy open classic national tour back

e classic end tour,
IP adaptation hand travel concentrated outbreak of the year.
Many exquisite classic end tour,
was changed to hand travel,
and in the mobile game market by players welcome.
In 2016,
the grand game game and coconut joint research and development,
Tencent agents of the Legends of the world Mobile Games technology test will measure the occasion,
let us go into the world of legend Mobile Games constructed the classic fantasy space of great momentum.
No best but better picture of refined sensory experience the first time exposed to the game player is a picture of the game,
the game itself is the most direct way to attract game player is also the picture,
the legend of the world Mobile Games in order to get a better picture of the game,
the game characters are high surfa

Within two days of combat, the godfather Hot Blog will reappear in Zhongyang

ng in May 4th A A-share market showed a narrow range of shocks,
the motherboard gem were Chonggao down trend obviously,
can be said that today the main funds operation attitude is very cautious,
the afternoon had started to accelerate the aviation sector led the market touch on the 3000 area immediately after the step back down.
Many investors are again bearish on tomorrow's market as the market falls again.
But fathers do not think so,
first early today the main funding has shown its attitude,
although Zhongyang is now a strong upside yesterday but today morning did not appear to fight the inertia of rising prices,
this is not visible long in the waiting stage to the critical period broke through 3000 points and 20 line.
While the afternoon wave pulled up is obviously intended to indicate

Shiyan men's collection of one hundred yuan worth of coins worth up to one million yuan map

he top concern,
Tencent finance,
to experience more exciting content,
lead 100 yuan notes on the watermark was actually 300.
Shiyan collectors Mr.
Luo in the hands of a 1999 edition hundred dollar notes,
identified as wrong currency,
valuation of up to one million yuan.
Wrong version of RMB watermark for 300,
this wrong version of the RMB valuation of up to one million yuan,
one hundred dollars on the watermark was 300.
Shiyan collectors Mr.
Luo in the hands of a 1999 edition hundred dollar notes,
identified as wrong currency,
valuation of up to one million yuan.
Who lives in the city of Shiyan,
is a coin collectors,
many coins and coins are in possession of.
Yesterday afternoon,
when Mr.
Luo went home to collect his own ordinary collection,
he found a watermark of different hundred yuan

Papi ad standard sauce can be learned from Wang fuck what

ing ordered rectification,
heady Papi sauce is still in Luo Zhenyu's blessing,
the video advertisement in just a few minutes to take a price of 2 million,
a record high single video advertising history.
since April 23rd,
April 25th and May 2nd,
the rectification of the program has launched three Papi sauce,
like the number of points from 30 thousand and 1 to 10 thousand and 2,
although it still belongs to the Red Net super large,
but still be discerning the media and netizens questioned: just get up Papi sauce to get boring ugly? The industry for the explosion of Papi sauce,
has always been a calm attitude of the majority.
Many industry insiders believe that Papi sauce explosion red,
media and investment circles speculation far greater than the true reaction of users.
Red net li

Really look at the face of the time, and can enhance the value of Yan, to see if you have get to these

to foot,
teach you a good day,
is really the other day,
when we push content,
there is always face and good-looking face what hairstyle can control and good-looking tide what to wear.
The comments,
more angry is that in the face of these,
I have.
No! Power! Counter! Barge! Well,
in order to meet all the tide face man's dream,
teach you how to improve the color value,
if you are a girl,
want a boyfriend more handsome,
read after a good tune up his eyebrow eyebrow is not just a girl ~ article has a patent,
for his eyebrows comparable to micro plastic surgery.
Unlike girls eyebrow,
boys to remove miscellaneous wool,
as for the repair type,
according to the natural shape of regulation.
and share with you what kind of face is suitable for what kind of eyebrow and male eye

These shoes were so handsome that 100 times the men's girls made me look at my legs

love YOHO! Girl to wantonly exposed flesh of the season to see a row of white white long straight,
feel how can eat two bowls of rice? Today Xiaobian a wave of Amway sneakers handsome you 100 times the girls,
see more than leg may also look at the shoes ~ (not too little,
slowly down!) The Gilda Ambrosio instagram:@gilda_grazia_it the black long straight cool girl Gilda Ambrosio is a Italy fashion blogger,
looks elegant pleasant,
not only have white long straight legs and profound skill mix strength,
such a lovely sister paper but cool ten feet or legs ~ see shoes,
small good Nike Air Zoom Flight The,
with the Glove Pro can always take two irrelevant things mix,
fairy skirt mix Glove,
is also leveraging it ~ Killing with Kindness outfit is really Nike Air Zoom Bang Bang Da ~ Flig

Long hair girls are not stylish fashionista this summer are in the left of the three.

change new people,
called young words,
every time the weather turns hot,
big MT,
I will feel,
long hair of the girls are too,
chat! In the winter you can at least a little bigger and straightened hot roll wave public act,
can go to the summer,
IMHO well,
look at this hairstyle really feel so hot: a thick layer of riding,
really not hot BB? And it seems that only the ponytail,
horsetail and cauda equina seem to have only two forms of straight hair horsetail and curly hair horsetail If you start to feel like your hair is somewhat cumbersome in the summer,
but also killed people.
Don't cut short star (after all,
short hair is the test value of Yan Na),
it looks good,
this is not your Haircut abetting her long hair,
teach you to play out the flowers! I think this is the right now fac