124 square meters of Mediterranean warm mix and does not lose the sense of American

ring 24]: flat style Mediterranean style is a family of three living,
the old man occasionally came to live,
the host for investment banking work,
amateur love writing,
literary youth; hostess * * financial work.
The male masters like the simple sense of texture; the hostess likes bright colors,
especially blue.
I hope the home is simple and warm,
but it does not lose texture; the living room is simple and atmospheric,
not too crowded,
the color should not be too simple.
Lets take a look at their texture,
home! [vestibule] [living room] [restaurant amp; kitchen] [bedroom] master bedroom,
childrens room [toilet]


ring ,
grace has always been touted by girls.
But with the increasingly strong interest in fashion,
fashion week is no shortage of fashion editors,
buyers and fashion will come to Master collocation Street elements personality and innovation,
to create an elegant and relaxed fashion style.
To get these fashionable strokes! Deep-V silk dress,
slip dress,
Kate Moss in the last century,
90s will be the first to wear it as a cocktail dress,
to attend public events,
inspire the Waichuan innovative thinking.
it is in a more relaxed way to appear in the fashion of the people.
Relaxation and concentration quietly become the norm of womens inner fashion.
Luxury and elegant casual clothes are the perfect interpretation.
Balenciaga2016 spring and summer show,
designer Alexander Wang with uniform cotton,
silk and linen material to create comfortable pajamas like lazy slip dress or sling bras,
visual to a feeling of zero.
Balenciaga 2016 spring and summer series and the show in the C e line Phoebe Ph

800 km walk on the road of pilgrimage to Jacob (next)

ring ena YOYOER pilgrim passport pilgrims on the road will be carrying a Pilgrim passport Credencial del Peregrino,
which will explain the place of departure,
the pilgrims name,
passport number,
address and pilgrimage way.
This passport is about 2-5 euros.
It can be purchased at churches,
hotels and other places along the way.
You can book it online in advance.
Pilgrims passport Credencial del Peregrino,
who holds a pilgrimage passport,
can obtain low price or even free accommodation at all accommodation points along the entire St.
James road.
The pilgrims every church,
the town hall,
or at the point of accommodation,
will receive a James road certified official stamp.
These small stamps not only record the pilgrims along the dock accommodation,
dining at each place,
but also the Santiago pilgrim Management Committee on exactly every pilgrim document whether along official pilgrimage walked the whole of the.
A covered Passport Stamp,
is a necessary condition in Santiago de Compostela Cathedral f

Chinese female students lost the night run, police found the battered woman yesterday

ring printed from France Chinese report yesterday,
the local police in eastern Germany Dessau Ross work area (Isaacson Anhalt) rescue a lost China out running female students union,
a woman whose body was found near their homes.
The body lay bare in the bushes,
with traces of violence.
Photograph: German voice,
around 20:30 p.
on May 11th,
Li Yangjie,
goes out for long-distance races in accordance with common habits.
Neighbors say Li Yangjie usually pays great attention to maintaining good health through exercise.
But after she did not return home on Wednesday night,
neighbors began to worry about her personal safety and called the police on Thursday.
Police found a womans body in a bush in Li Yangjies place Friday morning,
according to the voice of germany.
German central television quoted unconfirmed news reports that the woman was found naked,
with apparent traces of violence.
The residence of Li Yangjie Isaacson of Anhalt police spokesman Moritz (Ralf Moritz) confirmed to the voice of Ge

Flowers into the Haixun

ring  in 5 and June,
it is lavender bloom when the sea ~ who said to see the purple flower fields must go to Provence,
in fact,
in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Shanghai,
large and small lavender manor there are many.
This year more than a few new plants garden,
and those old Lavender park also has a new change in ~ lavender bloom,
in the way the inventory of several lavender garden,
pick a recently,
go! Zhejiang No.
1 Vanilla Garden in Yuhang flowering for nearly half a year,
more abundant activities.
As it is very close to Hangzhou,
Yuhang herb garden is famous among the people of Hangzhou.
As you go,
walk through a wooden door on the base,
and then walk to the mountains on the hill,
where French lavender is imported from Provence,
along with lavender and willow verbena.
Compared to the past,
this year added a lot of lavender varieties,
such as British lavender,
four seasons lavender and willow verbena.
The former is the same as in Xinjiang and Yili.
It is different from the leaves of French lavender.
The he

Fan Bingbing may not have your wife pretty without her makeup on

ring  makeup remover star before and after Fan Bingbing (09 1981 16 July) Annie Yi (March 4,
1969) Christy Chung (September 19,
1970) Sun Li (September 26,
1982) Jane Zhang (October 11,
1984) Yan Ni (March 10,
1971) Hong Tao (January 15,
1972) Sherry (August 9,
1972) Gong Li (December 31,
1965) Ju Ping (January 25,
1966) Na Ying (November 27,
1967) Wang Xiaoya (January 22,
1968) Angie Chiu Liu Xiaoqing (November 15,
1954) (October 30,
1955) Carina Lau (December 8,
1965) Chen Hong (December 1968) Jiang Wenli (June 20,
1969) Lu Yu (June 12,
1970) Li Bingbing (02 1973 27 July) Yuan Li (July 12,
1973) Qing Dong (November 17,
1973) Li Xiang (February 10,
1976) Hsu Chi (1 April 1976 6 days) Zhang Ziyi (February 9,
Chen Yao (October 5,
Chen Hao (December 9,
scared me silly! It is people rely on clothes,
beauty make-up!!! Some people chat with WeChat,
while others learn and grow in themselves every day in WeChat.
Today we recommend some high-quality WeChat,
I hope you can grow every day!

One day, a grilled classic, and then remake Angie Chiu elegant, Joey Wong style, Liu Tao sedate atmosphere, who is the best white lady in your heart?

ring mestic drama,
the remake has been endless.
Some time ago,
the network has been passed,
The Legend Of White Snake to be remade,
and now has been a foregone conclusion,
posters are out.
I feel that the poster is very similar to the cover of some ancient words.
everybody cares most about the actor.
After all,
there are too many people in the white lady.
She is Angie Chius version of the classic,
although now the people inside and sing a bit awkward,
but everyone at the mouth will sing a who is in the ear.
Angie Chiu plays the White Snake really can be charming atmosphere,
with Xu Xian together it is very charming when down Xiaoqing together will break down the lower atmosphere mature water overflows golden hill this edition of Angie Chiu to play the White Snake both malicious fierce,
and the heart of Buddha,
the most important thing is beautiful ah ~ now is old,
but that time really is not for xian.
This version of the white lady is also the memory of the vast majority of people,
the bra